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Premiered in September 2012 at Penghao Theatre, Beijing
2013 Nanluoguxiang Theatre Festival, Beijing

Look Back Suddenly

written by Tong Daoming
directed by Ren Ming Young
performed by Li You, Li Qiuchen and Li Jianhong
set and lighting designer: Liu Zhao
video designer: Xu Xianming
producer: Lai Huihui
presented by Penghao Theatre, Beijing

Professor Yuan, an old intellectual, dreamed of a Deity wears black. He followed the Deity's guide and reflected on his life especially his lost love twenty years ago. In Yuan's imagination, Leo Tolstoy met Jesus while Ba Jin and Cao Yu were talking about their past. Performed by an actor, an actress and a noise-guitar player, this production shows an intellectual's confusion, remorse, courage and the longing for freedom.
Look Back Suddenly is a distinctive production in the filed of Chinese Experimental Theatre. The text is written by Tong Daoming, a famous theatre critic and professor of Russian literature. He wrote this play at the age of 73, which was considered as a real closet drama. The director Ren Ming Young put the text into postdramatic theatre and built the performance alongside performers, sound, videos, lighting and the marvelous noise-guitar player Li Jianhong.